Rahul Cristoforo

Rahul Cristoforo



Streetwise Varanasi Tours is famous for it's local approach. Would you like to be part of daily life? To feel at home  in Varanasi? And discover the highlights of this magnificent holy place?

We will be happy to host your stay! 





"Varanasi is an amazing place and Rahul is the best there is at showing you its true

beauty and mystery. We had signed up for the "two day, no worries" tour and it certainly lived up to it's name. Rahul knows every alley and doorway in Varanasi as well as the story and history behind them. He truly is streetwise". 

Tom, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2016

He went above and beyond our expectations and went out of his way to take care of us. We felt completely safe and at ease with Rahul. Our 2 days no-worries was the best part of our trip to India! 

Tammy and Tommy, Florida, USA 19th of October 2015

Rahul was my security, my problem solver, my translator, my friend, my guide, my teacher... As a photographer I had all the freedom after my purse.. Genuine, honest, caring and wise.

Gabriella, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2015

Those who has the skill of the narrator, who passionate about their work, who can make a joke. And best of all, if this man is not only interesting talks about interesting places, but is in itself interesting. If you are interested to talk to him about him, about themselves, and not just about Varanasi".

Andrey, Moscow, Russia, 2015

The heart of magical Varanasi!

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Varanasi and our experiences with Streetwise varanasi Tours

Varanasi: La porta del cel

Made by Mireia Guilella

Qué es Varanasi?

Rahul about his holy city.. 

Streetwise Varanasi Tours

Rahul Cristoforo 

Owner & founder, Varanasi expert & entertaining tourguide.




Since his early ages Rahul serves the visitors of Varanasi. A born storyteller, organizer and tourleader. His background as a Brahmin, offers the tours an unique experience. Of local spirituality, life, religion and street life. 

Rahul will not bother you with facts and knowledge of the books. He speaks from his heart, true experiences and stories. Passed generation on generation. Feel welcome! Be at home with Streetwise Varanasi Tours.