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Group Travels

Varanasi Tours helps you to organize your group travels. Based on the type of group, we create a program that fits well. Young and old, mixed and/or with specific interests. We are looking forward to host your stay within the holy city of Varanasi.  

Ask for a global program ... 


Please provide the following information:

  • Groupsize

  • Type of group (age, interests)

  • Arrival & departure days & times

  • Hotel name (if available) 


What would you like to include? 


  • Sunrise boat tour (2 hours)

  • Sunset boat tour & Ganga Aarti ceremony (2 hours)

  • Airport transfer(s)

  • Hotelbooking

  • Local transportation

  • Specific activities 

  • ...

Please sent the available information to 

use the contact form​ or call to Rahul Cristoforo, +91 979 259 7869


.. And receive a well-fitted holiday!

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